Work Ethics

As we begin the new millennium, the pursuit of employees with good work ethics seems more critical than ever before. With the success and explosion of "DOT COM" companies, also comes the need for talented employees to work in a fast-paced and demanding environment. One question frequently asked on interviews today, targeted to determine the level of an individual's work ethics is - "How do you feel about working overtime?"


Initiative - The Key to Becoming a Star Employee

After interviewing several Pittsburgh executives to determine the key traits they seek in potential hires and evaluate during the review/promotion process, the critical success factor most often mentioned was initiative.


Can You Work for a Small Company?

One of the number one requests of prospective employees on a job interview with a search firm is - "Move me to a small company". "I'm tired of corporate America - I want to work for a small company where I can really make a difference and have a significant impact." Most people working in the employment or search industry have heard this from over 70% of the people interviewed as their desired career change request.


Businesses Today Need Leaders

Peter Drucker, the management guru, said "All I know about leadership is that all leaders have only one thing in common: followers!" This sounds obvious doesn't it? But the ability to get people to become followers is an arduous task. Many employees tell management early on, that their long-term goal is to move into a management position in the company. But, to be an effective manager, you must be an effective leader.


The Overlooked Business Solution

Executives and business owners throughout the United States are dealing with an ongoing problem that will not be solved in the near future, an enormous scarcity of resources that has created a tight job market.


Volunteerism - Add A New Year's Resolution

As many of you celebrated the New Year and the New Millennium, you probably developed your list of New Year's resolutions.

Many Americans have New Year's resolutions not only for personal rewards such as weight loss, but also for self-development reasons to enable them to become more successful in their career.


Interviewing with a Competitive Edge - Preparation

An absolute key factor in obtaining a job offer from an employer is preparation.

Preparing for an interview can be compared to studying for a test, or practicing a speech or piano piece. If you do not study, practice or prepare, the odds are likely that you will fail. Yet, thousands of people go to an interview without any preparation; those same people can never understand why the interview did not go well. Preparation for the interview is paramount to receiving a job offer.

Use the following ten steps when preparing for the interview.


Tips for Dealing with a Search Firm

Throughout your career, you will at some time be dealing with an employment agency, search firm, or executive search firm.

The first important issue is to understand the difference between these firms, before you entrust your resume and career to them.


Your Self-Portrait Determines Your Reputation

Do you know that with a few telephone calls, a good search consultant, or potential employer can find out more about you than your own family, close friends, and spouse may know?


Waiting is not an Option

By Joyce Bender
Bender Consulting Services, Inc

A wonderful book is "Why We Can't Wait" by Martin Luther King, Jr. This is a classic in many ways, as it explores the civil rights movement that he was the father of. If you have never read this book, I would suggest you read it. It is always important to know your history and to understand what formed issues we deal with in America today.



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