Through our efforts, Bender Consulting Services has created employment opportunities for over 1,000 individuals with disabilities. Please see below what some of our employees and ambassadors (former employees who have been hired by our customers) have to say.

“By having the opportunity to work for Bender Consulting Services, almost every aspect of my life has taken a turn for the better.  My career, my health, and personal life are at an all time high.” - Justin

“To be honest, sheer necessity brought me to Bender Consulting Services.  All my working life, I never said upfront that I was disabled, and getting interviews was very easy.  As my mobility became reduced due to age and severe osteo-arthritis caused by my dwarfism, I began pre-advising employers of my disability.  Job leads dried up faster than leaves in late autumn.  After nearly two years of futility working with my Quebec and Federal government, they sent me to Bender Consulting Services, and the rest has been a very happy history.” - Frank

"The people are the best!  Everyone is willing to help and is supportive, in this ever-changing field." - Michael

"I have learned that Bender’s employees are all hard-workers, especially Joyce!  She and the other employees who started this company have done a lot of things to bring awareness of the rights of people with disabilities to be employed and contribute to society … I look forward to the day when I can contribute to the Bender mission of providing competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities, by hiring them myself from Bender as an ambassador.” - William

“I came to a Bender training while employed but looking for a new job opportunity.  I was very impressed about how the staff treated me, in a courteous and professional manner.  Plus, the fact that Bender only places individuals in positions where there is a potential to be at management level is great.  People with disabilities sometimes struggle to find competitive employment and Bender Consulting assists people in taking a step in the right direction.  Who would not be attracted to that?” - Stephanie

“I was looking for employment in an IT/business field. Once I met a few of Bender’s employees, I knew that this was an excellent company. A few months later, Bender got me an interview and a job.” - Gary