Bender Lead On Team"Beloved colleagues of Bender Lead On Team, you have the power. Use it! Live your dream! We love you! POWER OF BENDER LEAD ON TEAM! Lead on no matter what!" - Justin and Yoshiko Dart

In 2002, we lost a great champion in the United States, not only for Americans with disabilities, but for all people seeking human dignity and respect: Justin Dart, Jr.

Justin was the pioneer who traveled the U.S. with his wife Yoshiko to help usher in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He was on the dais with President George H.W. Bush, on July 26, 1990, when the ADA was signed into law. After that day, Justin continued fighting to ensure the ADA was embraced throughout the U.S. and the world.

As we all know, the employment of Americans with disabilities is the last frontier of the ADA to still be conquered; this is what Justin fought for during his life.

Justin said, "Lead on! Lead on!" His famous war cry for freedom empowered us all to become leaders in this fight for equality, regardless of age. He inspired a great army of youth with disabilities.

For that reason, Bender Consulting Services could only think of one name for our group, "Bender Lead On Team". Yoshiko Dart, Justin's wife, has graciously given us permission to use the name "Bender Lead On Team".

The "Bender Lead On Team" is a group of people who will help Bender lead the charge to spread the news of employment for people with disabilities. Working on college campuses, "Bender Lead On Team" members will encourage young people with disabilities to set goals that align with competitive career opportunities.

A friend of mine, while leading a national youth group with disabilities, told me the problem with college students finding out about Bender is due to the "adult filter." The "adult filter" is when adults decide what a young person with a disability really can do or not do. I know that the only limit to what a young person with a disability can do is the limit imposed on that person by the fear and ignorance of others. As long as a young person with a disability has the skills required to do a job, there should be no other limit.

We hope you will help us spread the news to young people with disabilities about the opportunity to work and have freedom through competitive employment. We at Bender hope to create an "army" of young people speaking out about employment of people with disabilities.

Join the Bender Lead On Team.