Once Bender consultants complete their assignments and are hired by the customer or in the open marketplace, they are invited to join the Bender Ambassador Program.

This allows people with disabilities who have aligned with competitive employment through Bender to stay connected to Bender and the business and disability communities to continue to grow their careers. The Bender Ambassador Program provides Careers2B, contract-to-hire and direct hire alumni with the opportunity to build a network of professionals with and without disabilities, access career advancement advice, receive updates about Bender Consulting Services, and participate in various business and volunteer events.

“We must unite and work with Joyce to prove to everyone just how much we can contribute to society, both at work and in our personal lives.” - Frank, Bender Ambassador

Bender Ambassadors are removing attitudinal barriers and dispelling myths that prevent employers from hiring individuals with disabilities. Bender Ambassadors let their performance speak for itself by delivering quality solutions to meet business objectives and contributing to their workplace and local communities.  These contributions to the corporate and government bottom line by the diverse pool of talent with disabilities positively influence the workplace culture and processes around disability employment.

For specific success stories and more information about the Bender Ambassador Program, contact the Bender Consulting corporate headquarters office or complete the contact form.