Bender Consulting Services has an alumni program called the Bender Ambassador Program. This program is for individuals with disabilities who have received employment opportunities through our company.

Once hired, we want to continue to stay in touch, in order to help our ambassadors to build their careers. Through the Bender Ambassador Program, our alumni have the ability to build a network of professionals with and without disabilities, receive career building tips, receive updates about Bender Consulting Services, and participate in various networking events.

We must unite and work with Joyce to prove to everyone just how much we can contribute to society, both at work, and in our personal lives,” - Frank, Bender Ambassador

Our Bender Ambassador’s are the people who are changing attitudinal barriers and disproving myths that prevent employers from hiring individuals with disabilities every day. They do this by doing a terrific job in the workplace and by contributing to the community. These exceptional individuals are on the front line in changing the workforce one mind at a time.

Our current chair of the Bender Ambassador Program is Mary Jane Kiska; she can be reached at  Our past-chair is ambassador Jean-Pierre Mbei.

Mary Jane met Joyce Bender while attending the Institute of Advanced Technology at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh. “I knew I wanted to work for Joyce after completing that program,” said Mary Jane. “I believe in her work to educate society and employers that it’s important to look at a person’s ability, not his or her disability.” Her position with Bender, at what was then Mellon Bank, now BNY Mellon, fulfilled several dreams, including having a competitive job and helping to break down barriers that people with disabilities faced. Since accepting full-time employment from Bender’s client, MaryJane has received several employee performance awards and been promoted to an assistant manager role within the company.

As the chair of the Bender Ambassador Program, MaryJane hopes to continue to break down employment barriers that the disabled community struggles against and to be a good role model for other Bender employees and ambassadors, in order to help them fulfill their dreams. Mary Jane believes that everyone deserves equal and gainful employment.