photo of Disability Rights Museum on Wheels vehicle


America’s Disability Rights Museum on Wheels (DRMW) is an accessible self-contained 48 foot motor vehicle, featuring 320 square feet of interactive learning activities and emerging technologies.  The DRMW provides an opportunity to learn the fascinating history of the disability rights movement. It presents an eye-catching exhibit that invites the visitor to participate in hands-on learning about the disability civil rights movement and the technological innovation as a result of the ADA.

The DRMW will be touring the U. S. in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will include a social media component allowing connected followers to enjoy virtual tour participation.  In addition to celebrating disability history, and the advances made in the areas of access to education and the built-environment, the DRMW will reinforce the opportunity for this year to mark the entrance into improvement in employment for Americans living with disabilities. 

Join the DRMW Partnership

If you are an individual with a disability who would like to join the DRMW partnership, please click here to complete a form and submit a resume.  Be sure to click on “USBLN Disability Rights Museum on Wheels in answer to the “How did you learn about Bender…” question.

DRMW partnership participants will have free access to the following:

  • “Making your Resume Count” training
  • “Conducting a Successful Interview” training
  • Bender Virtual Career Fair for Individuals with Disabilities on November 10, 2015