Bender Consulting Services is proud to partner with academic institutions across the United States, to support the hiring of students and alumni with disabilities. We recruit and hire the best and brightest students with disabilities, who are seeking dynamic careers in a variety of professional fields. 

Mission of the College Partnership Program:

  • Students and alumni with disabilities gain access to a competitive career in their field of interest.
  • Students can obtain internship opportunities while pursuing their degree.
  • Colleges and universities enhance their placement rate for graduates with disabilities, as well as their reputation as an academic environment that welcomes students with disabilities.
  • Bender is able to expand its outreach to include the best possible talent with disabilities for internships and career opportunities.

Bender’s Role in the College Partnership Program:

  • Conduct interviews and identify career opportunities based on the interests and skills of the students and alumni.
  • Maintain contact with students and alumni throughout the recruitment process.
  • Market students and alumni to our customers, Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies seeking talent.
  • Facilitate interviews and any other necessary logistics between students and alumni and customers of Bender.
  • Align students and alumni with disabilities with internships and competitive careers.
  • Provide academic institution partners with feedback throughout the process.

 Please click here to learn more about the Bender College Partnership Program, suggest a school, refer a student, or suggest a club or veterans student group.