Bender Leadership Academy’s mission is to change the career trajectory and increase long-term, competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities.  Through a network of connected companies and partners, the Bender Leadership Academy’s competency-building programs enable students with disabilities to achieve career success through a series of identified educational and work experience opportunities.


The foundation of Bender Leadership Academy is based on the Bender Consulting Services, Inc.’s Student Business Leadership Program, established in 1999 and delivered in partnership with DXC Technology (formerly CSC) in Newark, Delaware.  The program welcomed high school students with disabilities from Delaware area high schools, to attend four classes, throughout the academic year.  Joyce Bender personally delivered the training to prepare students with disabilities for the world of work, at the DXC Technology business location.  What began as a one-year initiative with four school districts in Delaware has been expanded and replicated to be delivered in school districts in the Pittsburgh area, including Pittsburgh Public School System, Fox Chapel Area School District, and several school districts in Beaver County.

Bender Leadership Academy – Building the pipeline of talent with disabilities; making the youth of today, the employees of tomorrow.


The Bender Leadership Academy delivers competency building programs that enable students with disabilities to engage in educational, empowerment and work opportunities, celebrate successes, and set and achieve career journey goals. Increasing long-term, competitive, integrated employment serves as the end goal of Bender’s programs.

Bender Leadership Journey