Open Roles

Current Executive Search Roles

Social Worker for Barrier Free Living in Bronx, NY

Housing Project Specialist for the Center of Independence of the Disabled, NY

Project Director Out-of-School and Out-of-Work Minority Youth Project for the Center of Independence of the Disabled, NY

Youth and Young Adult Counselor for the Center of Independence of the Disabled, NY



Since 1995, Bender Consulting has served as a leader in advancing competitive employment for individuals with disabilities.  Joyce Bender, the president and CEO created the vision and drives corporate growth, as a result of her experience working in the executive search industry with Fortune 500 companies, since 1979. Bender’s talent programs executive search service specializes in recruitment of executives and senior-level management for nonprofit, disability-focused organizations, as well as recruiting individuals with disabilities who have business experience for private sector employers.

Christine Griffin, Bender’s principal consultant who delivers excellence in this product area brings over 30 years of experience, with strong depth in the disability community. In 2018/2019 Chris worked on the executive search for the new CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities. She has served in many roles, notably as EEOC Commissioner, Deputy Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and recently the Executive Director of the Disability Law Center of Massachusetts.  Chris’s bio shares her extensive background.

Bender’s Executive Search activities include the following:

  • assisting with the development of the position description/profile
  • screening applicants
  • development of the search strategy
  • marketing, advertising and announcements
  • candidate assessment
  • conducting candidate interviews
  • providing report(s) of candidate assessment
  • recommending the most qualified candidates for interview opportunities