Our Recruitment and Screening Process looks at the candidate’s ability to meet your position requirements as well as organizational fit and general workplace readiness such as work ethics and attitude. 

Our recruitment and screening process is focused on the business needs of our customers. We establish a point of contact within our recruitment team to work with your hiring managers to identify candidates with disabilities that not only meet the basic qualifications and requirements of their positions, but the culture of their department. We focus on identifying candidates with disabilities who have the training and skills as well as the professional qualities that will make them an asset to your organization.

Once your needs have been determined, we conduct outreach to candidates in our extensive database and connect with a national network including two and four year educational institutions, veteran and disability resources, and social services organizations to recruit candidates with disabilities for your open positions.

At Bender Consulting Services, we also recognize that the best employees are not just those candidates who have the education and experience required for the position, but those who also demonstrate the qualities that employers most desire in their employees, such as reliability, a positive attitude, and flexibility. Therefore all candidates submitted to our client partners for consideration must first complete an extensive screening process that includes an in depth application/employment questionnaire and multiple interviews including interviews with senior recruiters and members of our management team. We examine the candidate’s total package of education and experience in order to identify candidates that best meet our customers’ needs.

To learn more about how Bender Consulting Services can assist you with meeting your disability recruitment needs, please click here to tell us about your company’s needs.