Our Disability Employment Strategy and Training experience will help you to establish a clear and effective strategy for employing and managing individuals with disabilities. We provide training for managers and human resources representatives geared toward effectively hiring, managing, retaining, developing, and advancing employees with disabilities. Strategy and training services include content regarding employee self-identification and complying with Section 503 affirmative action regulations.

Disability Employment Strategy Implementation

Bender Consulting Services is available to assist you with developing a strategy to increase employment of people with disabilities and create a culture that enables people with disabilities to perform to their full potential in the workplace. Our strategy focuses on the candidates’ abilities and how they can meet the demands of your business.

Our services include an overview of disability legislation (ADA; Section 503 and 508 of the Rehab Act); discussion of effective disability employment practices, including providing accommodations; and a detailed review of disability plan components.

Disability Awareness Training for Employers

Bender Consulting Services supports its customers by offering disability awareness training that is individualized to fit our customers’ needs. Presentations can be given to groups of all sizes and for all levels of employees and range from one to eight hours in length.

Sample training topics for employers include:

  • Including People with Disabilities within Your Workforce

    • From architectural and technological barriers, team meetings and events of all sizes, to communicating effectively with people with disabilities at work, this training addresses the issue of ensuring all aspects or your work environment are accessible and inclusive for employees and applicants with disabilities. 
  • Interviewing and Hiring People with Disabilities

    • Prepare your managers and recruiters for interviewing applicants with disabilities by providing them training on how to address disability throughout the screening process. This training addresses what your company’s responsibility is with regards to providing accommodations throughout the screening process as well as ensuring your managers are well versed on what questions are appropriate to ask during an interview and what questions or topics they should avoid to ensure implementation of fair interviewing and hiring practices. 
  • Encouraging Self-Identification by People with Disabilities

    • Address new legislation and guidelines for requesting and tracking self-identification by people with disabilities in the workforce, including discussion around why employees with disabilities have not selected to self-disclose in the past and how your company can create an environment that encourages self-disclosure.

All training is conducted in an environment that invites your leadership, hiring managers, and human resources personnel to participate in an open dialogue that will help to successfully overcome common myths and misconceptions associated with hiring people with disabilities and manage new team members with disabilities.

Costs associated for training vary based on content, length, location, and audience. 

Retention and Career Development of Employees with Disabilities

As of August 2014, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 12.8%, more than double the unemployment rate for people without disabilities. The labor force participation rate of people with disabilities was 19.8%, compared to 68.8% of people without disabilities.  As a result, the labor pool of individuals with disabilities includes dense talent seeking early career positions. As an employer, it is important to develop a plan for including people with disabilities within employee development programs. Bender Consulting Services has experience with providing mentorship and career development training and services to individuals with disabilities.

Contact us to discuss how your company can culturally include the disability community within your workforce’s retention and career development plans. We can work with you to ensure your professional development programs are accessible to, welcoming of, and encouraged for people with disabilities in your workforce. Ensure that your professional development resources, events, affinity, and employee resource groups are inclusive of people with disabilities.