Joyce welcomes Andy Imparato

Joyce welcomes Andy Imparato, executive director of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). AUCD is a membership organization that supports and promotes a national network of university-based interdisciplinary programs. These programs serve every U.S. state and territory and are all part of universities or medical centers. They serve as a bridge between the university and the community, bringing together the resources of both to achieve meaningful change. Mr. Imparato will share the latest information on his current work with the AUCD.

Joyce welcomes Jenny Lay-Flurrie

Joyce welcomes Jenny Lay-Flurrie, chief accessibility officer at Microsoft, leading efforts to drive great products, services, and websites that empower people and organizations to achieve more.  Ms. Lay-Flurrie will discuss how her team is at the forefront of creating positive experiences that apply technology to make a difference in the world and the lives of individuals—from how we hire and support people with disabilities in employment to innovative technology that aims to revolutionize what is possible for people with disabilities.

Joyce welcomes Debra Ruh

Joyce welcomes Debra Ruh, Founder and CEO of Ruh Global Communications. Ruh Global is a strategic communications and digital marketing firm helping corporations include people with disabilities.  The firm encourages organizations to connect and integrate the community of people with disabilities and other stakeholders.   Ms. Rue will explain how her daughter, Sara, living with Down Syndrome, inspired her to start the firm.

Joyce welcomes Johna Gravitt and Jim Homme to the show.

Johna has served as an Accessibility Consultant at Bender Consulting Services, Inc.

Japan - Day 7

Nanzan University SignThe first thing I found out when I met Fujiwara from the US Consulate was that yesterday’s presentation was picked up by Chunichi Shimbun. This is the most influential media outlet in Nagoya, and they published an article about our presentation.


Joyce welcomes Kurt Kondrich, father of a beautiful daughter, Chloe, who was born with Down syndrome.  Kurt became aware of the 90+ percent abortion rate for children diagnosed with Down syndrome before birth.  He embarked on a mission to be a loud voice for children like Chloe and make sure people see abilities and what a precious gift these individuals are. He will discuss how he speaks frequently to policymakers, community groups, students, and church leaders about the silent prenatal eugenic movement against children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome.

Joyce welcomes Jeffrey Hawting

Joyce welcomes Jeffrey Hawting, president of LC Industries to the show.  Mr. Hawting will discuss the mission of LC Industries to provide meaningful employment for people who are blind.


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