Bender Consulting is committed to embodying the foundations of the company brand in every aspect of service to customers.  Central to the company core values are the ideas that competitive careers result in freedom for people with disabilities, and ultimately people with disabilities want to use professional skills to make an impact in the workplace and in their communities.  These principles drive every impression of Bender Consulting with new and existing customers and have been key factors in success in over 20 years of business.  During that time, Bender Consulting has been recognized for its work as a global and industry leader in the employment of people with disabilities.  This includes awards, honors, news features, articles, speaking opportunities to share expertise, and “Disability Matters with Joyce Bender,” an internet talk radio show on to provide a platform for business and political leaders and advocates to share perspectives on how to move the needle on disability employment.  These media highlights demonstrate Bender’s strong commitment to customer excellence through proven best practices, balanced with a social justice crusade for competitive employment for people with disabilities.