Pre-Recorded NO CALL-INS
October 2, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Joyce welcomes Jayla Youngblood, winner of the 2018 Sam Miller Award; Gerald Homme, chairman of the Bender Lead On Team: and Ginny Emerson, mother of the late, Sam Miller, to discuss the Bender Lead On Team support group. The Bender Lead On Team assists high school and college students in the areas of setting career goals and championing anti-bullying efforts. The team provides a forum for young people with disabilities to speak out about instances of bullying and to support others who may be involved in similar situations. Gerald will discuss the Bender Lead On Team, his duties as chair, and his personal experience with bullying. In 2012, the Bender Lead on Team established the Sam Miller Award, sponsored by Bender Consulting, to recognize a young leader who embodies the mission of the Bender Lead On Team. Ms. Emerson and Ms. Youngblood will discuss what the Sam Miller Award means to them.

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