PITTSBURGH, PA - Joyce A. Bender has been elected to the Board of Trustees of Carlow University, in Pittsburgh, PA. Her 3-year term will commence on February 1, 2006. Joyce will serve on the institution's Student Affairs Committee, chaired by Sister Judith Worden. "I thank Joyce most sincerely for her willingness to serve Carlow University as a Trustee. Her leadership and expertise will enrich Carlow University, and I look forward to welcoming her personally," said, Mary Hines, President of Carlow University.

"As a Woman of Spirit, I consider it a great honor to help this prestigious university educate great leaders," said Joyce.

Joyce was selected as a 1995 Carlow University Woman of Spirit. The Woman of Spirit program is sponsored by Carlow University and recognizes prominent women in the business community.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Bender Consulting Services, Inc. Since its inception, Joyce Bender has provided competitive employment to 193 employees in the areas of information technology, finance/accounting, and human resources.

Joyce is the CEO and President of Bender Consulting Services, Inc. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Bender Consulting provides competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the fields of information technology, finance/accounting, general business, human resources, and engineering, in both the United States and Canada. Joyce was the 2003 recipient of the Bush Administration's New Freedom Initiative Award and the 1999 President's Award received from President Clinton at the White House, for her unparalleled efforts to further the employment and empowerment of people with disabilities. In 1985, Joyce survived a life-threatening accident caused by a misdiagnosis of epilepsy. Due to this personal experience, Joyce founded Bender Consulting Services, Inc. in 1995 and its "sister company" Bender Consulting Services of Canada, Inc. in 2001. Additionally, Joyce hosts an international Internet-based radio show, Disability Matters with Joyce Bender, every Tuesday from 2 PM to 3 PM, eastern time, on www.voiceamerica.com.

For more information on Bender Consulting Services, Inc., visit, www.benderconsult.com. For more information on Bender Consulting Services of Canada, Inc., visit, www.benderofcanada.com.