A premier federal intelligence agency is partnering with Bender Consulting Services, Inc. to assist them in recruiting Americans with disabilities to work in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Language areas.

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. has been retained as the source for recruiting and screening candidates with disabilities and referring them to the federal agency.

Applicants are not required to have work experience, but must have the appropriate academic background. This is a great opportunity for college students with disabilities, including graduate students, to work for the United States Government in prestigious positions.

Minimally, all applicants must be completing at least their bachelor's degree by May 2006. All candidates must be a US Citizen to apply.

We are seeking people with great ability to work in our government and shine!!

All interested parties should contact: Sherry Homme, (412) 787-8567 or the Bender Consult website.

Competitive jobs mean freedom!!!!