Pittsburgh, PA-Bender Consulting Services, Inc. (Bender Consulting ), a Pittsburgh-based information technology consulting firm that specializes in hiring IT professionals with disabilities, is pleased to announce its new affiliation with Bender Consulting Services, Inc. of Canada (Bender Consulting C). Bender Consulting C was established in September 2001 and has hired six new technology consultants to date.

Although Bender Consulting C has the same mission as Bender Consulting Services, Inc., it is a separate company providing employment opportunities for Canadians with disabilities. With placements in Toronto, Bender Consulting C plans to expand its opportunities to include Montreal, Canada in 2002. Additionally, a new website is in development for Bender Consulting C and is expected to be online sometime in the coming year.

Interested candidates should possess either a BS or BA in Information Systems, Networking or Help Desk training. A+ Certification is helpful, but not required. Currently, resumes for either Toronto, or Montreal, Canada should be sent to resume@benderofcanada.com.