NSAThe NSA was selected as the 2010 Tony Coelho Award winner for their efforts in employing people with disabilities and in influencing others to do so.

The NSA has served as an example to other agencies in terms of creating a successful model for employing and accommodating people with disabilities.  Due to the type of work the NSA performs, they have some of the most stringent security requirements across the federal government.  Despite what some may view as these added challenges, the NSA has made the employment of people with disabilities a priority.  As other agencies ask how they can work to increase employment of people with targeted disabilities, those groups look to the NSA to see what has been successful in terms of recruiting, hiring, accommodating, promoting and retaining employees with disabilities.  They seek direction on how to navigate barriers to the employment process to make their agencies’ own positions more accessible to professionals with disabilities.  The NSA is discussed on a national level by government and private sector leaders alike as setting the standard for employment of people with disabilities not only due to federal mandates but because they want to include everyone.